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Preparing for Your Brazilian Wax

The ideal length for hair is about ¼ inch or 6 mm (about as long as a grain of rice) – if your hair is longer, it may require trimming which will extend the length of your visit. If we must spend additional time trimming your hair before waxing, there will be an additional fee of $15.

If you’re a shaver, you should wait at least 3 weeks after using your razor or the hair will be too short to wax. Often, shavers come in and their hair isn’t long enough. We don’t like sending anyone home (especially after they have built up enough courage to come in!), but we can’t wax unless the hair is at this ideal length.

What to Do Before Your First Brazilian Appointment

First things first, relax! In order to make the process more enjoyable, here are a few things you can do:

Take a warm shower before your wax to open up your pores

Use a loofah to exfoliate your skin and prevent ingrown hairs

Avoid gels, lotions and oils before your wax as it may interfere with hair removal

Avoid tanning 24 hours before your wax

Scan your skin before to ensure it is free from cuts, scrapes, moles, and skin tags

Many guests apply a gentle numbing cream 45-Minutes before their session to ensure a more pleasant experience. We offer “No Scream Cream Numbing Cream” which you can purchase before your session by calling 724-205-6387.

After and Between Sessions

We recommend using after-wax lotions and exfoliators to help keep the skin smooth, soft and free from bumps and ingrown hairs.

What NOT to do after your Brazilian Wax:

We recommend steering clear of prolonged exposure to heat 1-2 days after a Brazilian wax (direct sun, saunas, steam rooms, tanning beds, etc.) – it is important, as your skin will be more prone to burning. Additionally, you will want to avoid unnecessary friction and tight clothing.

How often should I be waxed?

Each guest is unique with different hair growth patterns. As a general rule, every 4 weeks is the recommendation. It is much easier, quicker, and more comfortable to simply maintain a Brazilian Wax. For your convenience, we offer the following Brazilian Waxing Packages:

6 Brazilian Waxes: $450

12 Brazilian Waxes: $780

*Also keep in mind that all of our members receive preferred pricing. Call 724-205-6387 for more information.

Benefits to Waxing vs Shaving 

1-Waxing lasts longer.

2-No nicks or cuts which could lead to skin discoloration.

3-NO rashes or bumpy skin.

4-Regular waxing makes the hair grow slower and finer.

5-Waxing produces smoother results.

6-No rough stubbles which can cause skin to feel abrasive.

7-Skin will feel smoother, longer, because of slower hair re-growth

8-Contrary to popular belief, waxing is not always painful, especially when maintained well.

9-Waxing is fast and convenient.

10-Regular waxing is an excellent method of self-care and offers a beautiful, well-groomed appearance.

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