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Massage Membership FAQ

note: all questions are answered regarding our 60-Minute Membership. We also offer a 90-Minute Membership 

What is included in my Massage Membership?


~One 60 Minute Custom Massage Session for $90 per month 


~All additional 60-Minute Massages $90 in the same month


~Upgrade your monthly session to 90-Minutes for $40


~One automated membership fee of $90 per month 


~Priority scheduling through a private, members-only online scheduling site


~Customize your session with Cupping, Aromatherapy, Hot Towel Service, Warm Heating Pads (all included) Please note: Cupping is at the discretion of your therapist based on their thoughts on the appropriateness of Cupping for your individual needs.


~All add-ons are ONLY $20 for members ($30 for non-members)


~No contracts-ever. Cancel at any time. 



How does my Massage Membership work?

Once you sign up, you will be charged $95 (60-minute monthly membership fee.) This initial fee will include your first session. After that, your monthly membership fee of $95 is automatically charged each month to a credit or debit card (due to the automated nature of payments, we do NOT accept cash payments or gift certificates as payments for memberships.)   If at any time during your membership you decide that it isn't for you, you can cancel your membership at any time  There are no contracts.


Is Tipping included in my Massage Membership?

No, tipping is not included in the price of your membership. At your discretion, tips may be made to your therapist in the form of cash, check, or credit card. 


What if I don't use my Massage Membership one month?

No problem! Your massage session can be gifted to another person to come in within that month in your place.  If that isn't possible, your session will simply roll over to the following month.


Am I able to choose any appointment time that I want?

Absolutely! As a member, you have the opportunity to set up appointments through our members-only online scheduling site.


Can I convert my Massage Membership massage into a gift certificate?

No, it cannot be converted to a gift certificate; however, you can allow your session for the month to be used by someone else.  


What if I don't use my massage one month AND I don't gift my massage ?

No problem! Your session will simply roll over into the next month. Once you have accumulated 3 roll over sessions, we reserve the right to discontinue your membership. Since our membership program frequently has a waiting list, we do try to focus our program on those receiving regular massage therapy.


Can I PAUSE my membership?

We allow guests to pause their membership for 2 reasons. 1-They are having surgery. 2-They are traveling for an extended period of time. In both instances, the PAUSE must be finite with a pre-determined renewal date. 

Can I PAUSE my membership to catch up on unused sessions?

Unfortunately, we are only able to pause a membership for the above reasons. If you have multiple unused sessions, are not able to schedule regular appointments and would like to no longer be charged the monthly membership fee, we recommend cancellation of your membership (please see below on cancellation policies.)


What if I have to cancel my massage at the last minute?

As a consideration for our therapists, all standard cancellation policies still apply. For cancellations less than 24 hours, you will surrender the total cost of your session. In the event that you do not call AND do not show up for your session, you will forfeit that session. If you have more than one "no call, no show" appointment, we reserve the right to cancel your membership. Our time is valuable and we must insist that guests respect our time so that we can respect you and give 100% during your sessions.


What if I decide to cancel my membership?

No problem. We can cancel your membership at any time. If you have outstanding sessions at the time of your cancellation, those sessions will be converted to a $ credit in your account. You can use that amount towards any REGULARLY priced services in the future. We are not able to refund previously paid membership fees for ANY reason.  *please note: once a membership has been cancelled, there is a reactivation fee of $25 if the membership is reactivated within one year of cancellation


What if I am not using my membership sessions and have accumulated sessions?

Our membership was designed for guests who would like to receive regular massage sessions. We realize that our membership may not be appropriate for all guests due to your schedule. For that reason, we do not encourage guests to purchase a membership if your schedule does not allow you to schedule appointments ahead. If you accumulate 6+ sessions, your membership will be cancelled and those sessions will be converted to a credit in your account in the amount that was paid for those sessions. You will then be able to apply that credit towards regularly priced services. 

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