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Postpartum Massage, Nutrition, and Doula Services

You've read everything about your pregnancy. You have created your holistic birth plan. You have prepared the nursery and researched whether to breastfeed or bottle feed. Everything is ready to bring the baby home. But what about Mom during the Postpartum period?

Other cultures recognize the postpartum period (up to 4 months post-birth) as a sacred time for baby AND Mom. The focus is on nurturing Mom so that she can focus on getting to know baby and embracing motherhood.  

In India, the first 42 days after birth are known as the "sacred window." During this time, Mom is massaged with warm oils daily, kept warm with nourishing foods, and herbal baths.  She is loved and cared for during this sacred time. How different this can be from the commonly accepted norm in Western culture, where new Moms are given little more than a 24-48 hospital stay and a quick 6 week postpartum check. Moms are often expected to jump right back in- to lose that weight, go back to work, cook, clean, and do all of the things she did before.  These expectations are physiologically unrealistic, even if Mom feels "fine."

I encourage all Pregnant Moms to create a Postpartum "Sanctuary" Plan.  A Postpartum Plan is similar to a birth plan but it highlights what happens AFTER baby arrives.

Greensburg Pregnancy, Postpartum, Fertility Massage

Postpartum Massage

Postpartum Massage is the perfect way to nurture the new Mom. Through my extensive study of Ayurveda, I have created several healing herbal oils that I like to use Postpartum.

 Depending on your needs, I may also add an herbal steam to your session. Warmth is so important during the Postpartum period so I love using warm booties. 

Around 2 weeks postpartum (6+ if you had a C-section), I like to incorporate abdominal massage with a healing herbal salve.

It is not uncommon for women to experience significant pelvic changes after pregnancy and labor. Postpartum Massage can be an invaluable part of the birth healing process.

During your Postpartum Session, I always like to invite you to share your birth story (if you are comfortable doing so.)

Postpartum sessions may be scheduled in the studio or your home. If you decide that you would like to come to the studio, you are always welcome to bring baby (up to 4 months old) to your session. I am happy to make accommodations for you and baby together or you can bring Dad or another caregiver who can relax with baby in our Relaxation Room while you receive your session.

I recommend that you begin Postpartum Massage as soon as one week after birth and continue receiving Postpartum Massage every 1-3 weeks until 3-4 months Postpartum.

Greensburg pregnancy, fertility, postpartum nutrition

Postpartum Nutrition

Once baby is born, it is important for you to make sure that you are nourished with whole foods during this time in order for your body to receive the optimal nutrition so that healing can occur. 

If you are breastfeeding, your nutritional needs are even greater.

Prior to postpartum, I am available to create Customized Postpartum Meal Plans.

Would you like to have a freezer full of nutritious meals on hand for Postpartum? I offer batch cooking in your home to get you ready for baby's arrival. Let's fill your freezer!

~Customized Postpartum Meal Plans

~Batch Cooking In Your Home

Please call so we can discuss your needs and pricing information


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