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Massage Membership

"They have the best massage therapists. Great prices and quality massages. The monthly massage member membership is unbeatable." ~Elle Speicher

Curious how amazing you might feel if you had a massage consistently?

Tired of the aches and pains and ready for some self-care?

Super stressed out and, quite honestly, you've just had enough?

You sound like most of our clients. Maybe you are one of our clients currently but you aren't getting massage often enough. The truth is that regular massage is the KEY to enjoying the true benefit of all that massage has to offer. Less pain. Less stress. Time just for YOU.

Would you like to....

~Receive a massage every single month?

~Receive priority scheduling for every appointment?

~Enjoy any massage you want, without paying upgrades for specialty massages?

You are invited to join our exclusive Massage Membership program. Absolutely no contracts ever, you can cancel your membership at any time.  

Want to learn more? 

Take me to Massage Membership FAQ!

I'll never go anywhere else!! They are amazing here!!

~Miranda F.

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