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~our massage products are hypoallergenic, please let us know about allergies when scheduling

by scheduling a session you agree to our cancellation policies

Covid-19: How We Are Keeping You Safe

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Custom Massage Session

A one-of-a-kind Signature Massage experience.


At Lifestream, our Massage Therapists believe that your massage session should be as unique as you. Our therapists take the time to discover what your wants are for your session in regards to pressure (light, medium, deep, extremely deep), aromatherapy, and areas of special concern. Our therapists identify what your goals are for your session (pain relief, relaxation, stress management, wellness) so that your session can be customized FOR YOU so that we get to know what will create the perfect session for you.


How we WOW You...


Complimentary with every session: Aromatherapy, Hot Towel Service, Heated Tables, Cupping (*may be added at the discretion of your therapist.) Beverages, Relaxation Room with foot massagers to enjoy before and after your session.


Want to make your massage even more amazing? BOOST! your session with these popular add-ons.



Non-Member Pricing

60-Minutes... $110

 90-Minutes... $160

Add-Ons... $30

Sauna... $30

Soul Experience...$40

Member Pricing

60-Minutes... $90

90-Minutes... $130

Add-Ons... $20

Sauna... $20

Soul Experience...$30



Make massage a regular part of your life and save...

Call and ask us about our membership program.


Add a Sauna Session or a  Sole Soak to your massage

*We do not offer refunds on gift certificates, memberships or pre-paid services for any reason.



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Customizing your massage....

Can I get Deep Tissue Massage? Absolutely! What if I am Pregnant? No problem! Do you offer any type of massage for Fertility? Yes! I heard about Massage Cupping-is that something that you do? Of course! A friend said they had an incredibly deep tissue massage called Barefoot Massage where someone massaged them with their feet-do you do that? We do! I just want a back, neck, and shoulder massage, is that okay? It is!

How can I schedule a Couple's Massage? Easily! At Super Spa Girl, we know that each person is unique, so why shouldn't your massage be as unique as you? Our therapists are trained to offer each guest a highly customized experience. We discuss what your goals are for your session and make recommendations on techniques that we feel will benefit you. We always listen to what you want so we can create the session that you are looking for.

 " Perfect way to relax on a Saturday morning. I love coming in and always receive the very best service!!!" ~ Christina T., Greensburg

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Tips For Enjoying Your Massage Session

~Arrive 15 minutes early to use the restroom, relax, and unwind in our Relaxation Room

~Drink water before and after your session

~No heavy meals two hours before your session

~Turn your cell phone OFF at the door- the world can wait an hour for you

~Let your therapist know what you like

~Communicate with your therapist during your session

" I arrived early and relaxed with the foot massagers which was really nice. "~ Anonymous

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