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Welcome to Health Coaching with Jenny

Hello and welcome. I am so glad that your journey has brought you here to Lifestream.

My name is Jenny Keffer and I am the owner of Lifestream and Health Coaching with Jenny.

Many of my clients find me as they seek to discover or recover their personal health. I have been a health coach for 8+ years and I specialize in helping women in one of 3 key areas: Weight Loss, Fertility, or Autoimmune Challenges.

Each woman is unique and that makes your health goals unique as well. Personal health coaching is a process where I come alongside you in your journey to help you achieve your goals.

During your first visit, we sit down together and talk about where you are, what your challenges are, and what your goals are. Through that process, you can discover how health coaching can benefit you and how we can move along through the process together. 

Health Coaching for Women

Fertility Coaching

Autoimmune Health Coaching

Weight Loss Coaching

Working With Me...

Are you interested in finding out if health coaching is right for you?

Let's chat! Feel free to TEXT or CALL me at 724-205-6387 or email me at

" The SAME cycle that I worked with Jenny, I got a positive pregnancy test!!!! " ~Amelia Steele

~ Amelia Steele, Fertility Coaching Client

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